VME430 Crates

The CERN VME430 standard, often called “Nuclear VME”, is an extension of the VME64 Standard and was introduced in 1980 by the European High Energy Physics Laboratory CERN. It is fully backwards compatible to VME/VME64.

The VME430 specification adds 3-row / 30-pin DIN-type Paux/Jaux connectors which are located between the regular P1/J1 and P2/J2 connectors. Through these connectors the ECL voltages -5.2V and -2V as well as optionally +/-15V are provided to the VME430 modules. Further the Paux/Jaux connector adds additional ground pins, a serial bus and geographic addressing.

Considering the use of highly sensitive analog VME modules for nuclear and high energy physics detector read-out, the VME430 specification requests low noise power supplies.

W-IE-NE-R offers VME430 crates in a compact design as 9 slot VME195-ECL mini crates or in 19″ rack mounting full size VME 6021/6023 with 21 slots for both 6U and 9U cards.