Custom Spec Chassis

Working with the scientific community for more than 50 years W-IE-NE-R has supplied specialized powered chassis to many physics experiments, accelerator control systems or other applications. W-IE-NE-R was for instance selected to provide customized VME64x chassis in about 60 different versions for the LHC accelerator and experiments at CERN.

The modular concept of the W-IE-NE-R 6000 series crates allows to design and build any customer specified crate in a nearly COTS style based on existing blocks as mechanical parts including side panels, extrusions and card guides, backplanes and power supplies.

Different or multiple card cages and backplanes are possible as well as special power configurations. All crates are typically outfitted with W-IE-NE-R low-noise power supplies. The UEP 6021 power supply can be configured with up to 8 different DC outputs and for up to 6kW total power output. The power supply can be placed in the chassis or at a remote location even 100m away.

Local and network based remote monitoring and control are standard features and allow easy integration into customer control systems.

Using our flexible design even single quantity or small series production can be done without additional cost.