NIM Crates

“Nuclear Instrument Module” is the oldest and simplest nuclear electronics standard. Created in 1969 with AEC report TID20893 (Dec 1969), it defines a powered bin and plug in modules. NIM is the perfect standard for small and flexible setups for high resolution measurements with analogue electronics (amplifier, high resolution analog to digital converter, timing electronics as well as for low / high voltage supplies

Full size NIM bins for 19″ rack mounting have 12 slots and should be equipped with an excellent linear regulated power supply (150W … 600W). NIM modules have a height of 22.2cm a width of 3.43cm. On the rear side connector, the power for the modules is provided by the NIM bin for: +/-24V, +/-12V, +/-6V (added 1966!), 117V optionally.