EC-Lab® Developer Package

A variant version of BioLogic’s benchmark electrochemistry control and analysis software, designed for programmers/researchers with experience of coding, wishing to utilize the package in highly specialized, customized environments.
Some highly specialized projects require the development of proprietary software to manage Potentiostat / Galvanostats and FRA. For such projects, BioLogic has developed EC-Lab ® Developer Version, which allows programmers to integrate the software into their own software.
This package supports the following instruments:
VSP/VSP-3e/VSP-300, VMP3/VMP-3e/VMP-300,
MPG-2 series, HCP-803/HCP-1005
The EC-Lab® Developer package includes a Developer Link Library( DLL) with specific functions for:

  • connection/disconnection to a selected instrument,
  • initialization of the channels by loading the firmware,
  • loading techniques on the channels,
  • start/stop the selected channels,
  • retrieving data.

The package also includes USB drivers and a library with almost 30 DC and AC techniques (*.ecc files). Different examples with test programs are available in four languages: LabVIEW (including Vis), C+/C++, C# (not for VMP3 instruments), DELPHI, VEEPRO & Python.
Tested configurations:


  • Open Circuit Voltage technique
  • Cyclic Voltammetry technique
  • Cyclic Voltammetry Advanced technique
  • Chrono-Potentiometry technique
  • Chrono-Amperometry technique
  • Voltage Scan technique
  • Current Scan technique
  • Constant Power technique
  • Constant Load technique
  • Potentio Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy technique
  • Staircase Potentio Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy technique
  • Galvano Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy technique
  • Staircase Galvano Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy technique
  • Differential Pulse Voltammetry technique
  • Square Wave Voltammetry technique
  • Normal Pulse Voltammetry technique
  • Reverse Normal Pulse Voltammetry technique
  • Differential Normal Pulse Voltammetry technique
  • Differential Pulse Amperometry technique
  • Vs Time technique
  • Linear Polarization technique
  • Generalized Corrosion technique
  • Cyclic PotentioDynamic Polarization technique
  • PotentioDynamic Pitting technique
  • PotentioStatic Pitting technique
  • Zero Resistance Ammeter technique
  • Manual IR technique
  • IR Determination with PotentioStatic Impedance technique
  • IR Determination with GalvanoStatic Impedance technique
  • Loop technique
  • Trigger Out technique
  • Trigger In technique
  • Trigger Out Set technique