BioLogic MT-Lab® Software

An intuitive and comprehensive software
MT-Lab® is the user-friendly software package dedicated to the control of Bio-Logic’s impedance analyzer, the acquisition of the impedance data and the temperature. It also allows the control of many temperature control units:

  • High temperature furnace (HTF-1100)
  • Intermediate Temperature System (ITS)
  • Temperature control systems using Eurotherm 22xx and 35xx series controllers

Open-circuit & short circuit compensation.
MT-Lab® software is provided with a compensation protocol for the compensation of residual impedance due to cell cables and/or sample holders

Temperature control management
MT-Lab® software includes a temperature control interface with five temperature modes in the temperature range -40°C to 1100 °C. The setpoint temperature range, the temperature ramps are adapted to the specifications of the TCU connected to MT-Lab® software. Up to three temperatures can be managed and acquired by MT-Lab® software: TTCU, TSample holder and TSample.

A complete graphic package
MT-Lab® is an easy to use software. The settings and graphs displayable on one screen view. The software provides automatically the processed electrical parameters like the electrical conductivity (σ), the electrical resistivity (ρ), the complex permittivity ɛ* and dielectric loss tangent (tan δ). It also includes ZFit, the powerful Equivalent circuit modeling tool used for modeling EIS data with equivalent circuits.